Agility Classes

About the agility classes

Agility class is a great way to have fun with your dog, provide mental and physical excercise and develop teamwork and a great bond with your dog. This is what agility classes at Furbabies are all about. The emphasis for these classes is an enjoyable outing for you and your dog, and, of course, safety.

Please note that these classes are primarily designed for people who want to try agility for fun. They are not intended to prepare you and your dog to participate in competition, although they can be used as a foundation for this, further training will be needed. 

In Agility 1 we will introduce you to a variety of games that will increase your dog's focus and performance. Your dog will be introduced to all the common agility obstacles and taught to tackle each one accurately and quickly and you will learn some basic handling moves. We'll also cover tricks that are not only cute but will develop your dog's strength and flexibility. Once you and your dog have mastered the basics you'll be promoted to Agility 2.

In Agility 2 the obstacles will be fitted together in courses and you will learn to guide your dog around different sequences of obstacles. You will also learn important handling skills for moving your dog around a course and positioning your dog correctly for each obstacle.

Agility classes are on Saturdays. There are three classes each month, with one week off. When there are five Saturdays in a month, two weeks will be off. Please refer to dates and times for specific training dates for each month. Classes are ongoing and are taught on a roll-on roll-off basis with fees payable monthly.

Unlike the obedience classes which have fixed start and end dates and a relatively simple set of skills to learn, in agility classes there are many different skills to learn and you will progress at your own pace. Agility level rosettes will be awarded to dogs and handlers who have achieved the required skills for that level at the instructor's discretion.

All breeds of dogs are welcome in agility classes provided they are in good health and not overweight.


  • Booking is essential
  • As with all classes vaccinations must be up to date and deworming and tick and flea protection given regularly.
  • As some exercises in this class are taught with clicker it is important that dogs are already clicker savvy and handlers have some clicker training skills.
  • Dogs will also already need to have a reasonable level of basic obedience. Completion of the Furbabies Pro Pups 2 course is therefore a requirement in order to join the agility class. Alternatively you may join agility classes after an assessment providing your dog displays suitable temperament for group classes, will walk at your side, recall when asked and stay reliably off leash.
  • Dogs should be in good health, reasonably fit and preferably not younger than 12 months of age. Dogs as young as six months may join agility classes if they have fulfilled the other requirements, but will be limited in terms of what obstacles and obstacles heights they will be allowed to tackle so as not to over-stress their developing bodies.
  • For agility classes your dog will need to be wearing either a flat collar and leash or a slip lead, check collars and harnesses can become caught on the obstacles.

Want to join the agility class?

If you are thinking about joining the agility class with your dog, or are busy completing the foundation obedience training, take a look at this article on the use of reinforcers in agility to help you and your dog prepare for class: Reinforcers for agility training

Faolan, border collie, doing dog agility