Download your free pdf book 'Before you Get a Puppy' by Dr. Ian Dunbar here:
This book is highly recommended and contains much valuable information about selecting your puppy as well as introducing him to your household and beginning with his training, every prospective and new puppy owner should read it.


What makes a good puppy class?

Read the article by Dr. Ian Dunbar at this link:

How to find a dog trainer

Read the article by Eric Goebelbecker of Dog Spelled Forward


How to create a motivating toy

Article by Susan Garrett of Say Yes dog training. Many times we will want to have the option of using a toy as a reward instead of food, playing with your dog is also a great way to help them release energy and to create a relationship where your dog just loves being with you. If your dog is not a fan of playing with toys don't despair, you can teach your dog to play.

Ozzy, border collie cross, during dog obedience training