Play Group

Would you like to give your puppy or dog a safe outlet to play with other nice dogs? Join our play group. 

About play group

Play group allows for your dog to keep socialised with other dogs and provides an outlet for energy. Socialisation should be ongoing throughout your dog's life. No matter how well-socialised your dog was as a puppy, their social skills will start to deteriorate if not maintained during adolescence. Play group can also be beneficial for a friendly but slightly shy dog, or for a dog who is friendly but needs to work on their social skills e.g. a dog who may play a bit too roughly.

During play group the dogs are allowed to enjoy playing and interacting with each other for most of the session. They will be monitored while playing and any innappropriate behaviour will be nipped in the bud. You'll also get advice on how to work with any problems you may encounter at home. Play group will give you peace of mind, knowing that your dog is playing in a securely enclosed area with other healthy, vaccinated dogs and supervised by a canine professional.

Play will be interrupted every 10 to 15 minutes with recalls and short training sessions (a minute or less). This ensures the dogs remain under control and also gives them a valuable opportunity to practice recalls and training basics in a distracting environment.

Play group is not intended for the rehabilitation of dogs who are reactive to other dogs or who don't like other dogs, we'll happily work on this with you in private lessons or on-leash classes, depending on what will be most suitable for your particular dog, but the play group environment is far too overwhelming as a starting point for this type of dog.

Play group is on Friday evenings and costs a nominal fee, payable monthly. There are play sessions three Fridays of every month, with one Friday off. Where there are five Fridays in a month, two will be off. Refer to dates and times to see which dates play group will be on each month. Play group is ongoing so you can attend for as long as you want to and you only pay for the sessions you attend.


  • Booking is essential in order to join play group.
  • Only dogs who have completed, at minimum, an obedience course or puppy course with Furbabies Training School will be allowed to participate.
  • Dogs who have not trained at Furbabies before may not participate in play group unless they have passed an assessment by the instructor.
  • As with all classes, vaccinations, tick and flea control and de-worming must be up to date.
  • Your dog must be of suitable temperament to enjoy free play with other dogs.

If your dog has not attended classes for a while, you may first be asked to come for an assessment to ensure your dog will be able to participate happily. If your dog doesn't really enjoy the company of other dogs then this is not the best option for you, as it may well stress your dog out. For these dogs a lower pressure environment such as on-leash classes is recommended. Candi will be able to help you determine if play group is a good option for your dog.

Contact the instructor to book.

Chow, German Shepherd and Rotweiler puppies playing
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