Pro Pups 2 

Pro Pups 2 is the next step in training for Obedience and Pro Pups 1 graduates and covers intermediate domestic obedience. 

Why should I continue training?

  • Training helps with socialising as your dog will interact with people and dogs each week in class. Socialisation will decrease if not maintained and classes provided an easy way to do this in a safe, controlled environment.
  • Provides your dog with mental stimulation which contributes greatly to overall good behaviour.
  • Easy progress as an experienced instructor can pick up on the little things, that you may be unaware of, that are holding you and your dog back and can also help, on a ongoing basis, to troubleshoot any problems you may have.
  • Structured ongoing training gives you a clear plan for what to do next with your dog, and what your dog should be capable of, and will ensure the training foundation you have laid does not deteriorate.
  • Perhaps most importantly, classes provide you with a chance to spend quality time with your dog and to enjoy your dog more as they become easier and easier to handle.

Training Outcomes for Pro Pups 2:

  • Building on your dog's focus and proofing it against distractions
  • Sit, stand and down; getting off of hand signals onto verbal commands only
  • Stays; increasing time, distance and the level of distraction your dog can handle, taking stay off-leash
  • Recalls; increasing distance and proofing against distractions, taking recalls off-leash
  • Loose leash walking; increasing duration, focus and proofing against distractions
  • Learn how to shape complex behaviours such as retrieve
  • Fun agility to develop teamwork between dog and handler and off-leash control

The Pro Pups 2 classes are held on Wednesday evenings, and there are six lessons of an hour each in the course.

Jack Russell Terriers doing obedience
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